Turning sixteen is tough to navigate for any teenager. For Mike, it will be tough and then some. His father is getting more forgetful. Hanna, the object of Mike’s affection, disappears without a trace. And his dark and extremely odd uncle has shown up to give him some bizarre news.

The gist is that Mike has one year left to live – freely, that is. When he turns seventeen, he will become a hot commodity on the Transylvanian Black Magic Market. In this year of “freedom,” Mike will have to move to the mysterious land of Transylvania, cure his father, somehow find Hanna, and perfect a lifetime of skills he never knew he had. Most of all, Mike will discover that those monsters under his bed – the stuff of dreams – do exist!

Copyright © 2019 by E.C.Varga | Design by The Computer Viking​

Copyright © 2019 by E.C.Varga | design by The Computer Viking​